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Because this book is very near to my heart, I translated it myself. This way I could also retain the atmosphere of the Dutch version as much as possible. But my English is not impeccable, so I asked a few good friends to blue-pencil my manuscript. I am very content with the result.

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I wish you a lot of reading pleasure.

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The flight of the seagull is the translation of Al het water van de zee, one of the most well-known books about bullying in The Netherlands. Bullying is not a very pleasant subject, but every child has sometimes to deal with it. Isnít it as a victim, then perhaps as a spectator, or as perpetratorÖ



A grade nine high school class is going on a midweek school camp to Terschelling, an island about 15 miles off the northern Dutch coast. The students are excited because they will stay on a farm camping site, where they will sleep in tents. The preparations run smoothly, boarding the ferry goes perfectly, even the mood on the way to the camp site is elated. Everyone would consider them to be a well-behaved school class, but the reality is different.

Throughout the whole school year a group of boys has been ruining the atmosphere in the classroom with all sorts of bullying. Mainly, they are after Ivan. At school the bullying is more or less under control, but during this school camp it gets out of hand. Out of sight of the teachers, the bullies are making Ivanís life hell.

The chosen approach is quite original: each chapter is written from a different perspective, that means that in every chapter another student is the leading character. This way you get to know the class as seen through the eyes of the others and, one by one, also from within.

Despite the subject, it is not a dreary book. It is written with lots of humor. Nevertheless, the climax will grab you as if you yourself are part of that class.

It is a book that will always stick in your mind.


The flight of the seagull is not only read by children, it is also widely used by teachers to make the subject discussable in the classroom, to give the students insight in the processes of bullying and being bullied.

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